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Budapest: How to find an apartment

2 December, 2014

Budapest: How to find an apartment 

Acquiring an apartment when you are not living in the city is difficult. On the Internet there are some websites offering apartments to rent in Budapest. On few of them the pictures can be misleading, as the agencies take the photos when the flat is refurnished and clean.

It is really useful if you have the chance to come to Budapest and check the apartments personally. It is important to give yourself time to find the right flat.

The location plays an important role; you should make sure that there is a metro station nearby, since with all of the metro lines you can get anywhere easily and quickly.

It is possible that in the part of the city which supplied by the public transportation the rental fee can be more expensive. But it is a good idea to take into consideration this option, because the public transportation in Budapest is really developed, as the buses, trams and metro lines are connected.

It is an useful point of view if you look for flats which are located around your working place or school.

It is helpful to search the apartments after the summer because the schools start in September and a lot of students begin to hunt for the apartments. After this busy period of the year, when the students settled down, it will be easier to find the right place to live. Therefore, between November and June is the convenient time to look for the flat.

Sometimes the owners of the flats don’t really trust in the tenants. Some of them ask certificate of employment or certificate of salary, but 2-month deposit of the rental fee is very common. You have to pay this amount when you sign the contract.

If you decide to find an apartment with an agency, it is good to know that the market is quite competitive; the agents are prepared to negotiate. The price can be higher because you have to pay commission to the agent. On the other hand it is simpler to sign the rental contract in English.

Whether you have a low budget, it is cheaper if you rent an apartment with more people and you can share the costs. In Budapest there are a lot of old buildings, where you can find the loft. In this type of architectural construction two rooms are located. One bed is on the ground floor and one more bed is situated on the balcony which is built over the ground floor.

There are a lot of solutions for different people with different budgets, for this reason you are welcome in Budapest.

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